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The Ball Game

Name: The Ball Game Intervention depth: omgeving
Problem Description The team members don't know each other yet...
Purpose Providing a playful way of getting to know each other. Result Team members that know each other.
Technique Description Instructions: 1) Invite the team members to form a circle (standing at arm's length), using the whole room. 2) Inquire whether anybody knows the exercise (he/she should keep silent). 3) Throw a ball to somebody in the circle and call his/her name. Explain that this person should throw the ball to somebody else and call that person's name. The ball should not be thrown to somebody that had the ball earlier. 4) After everybody caught the ball once, repeat the exerise and encourage the people to play the game faster. And faster yet... The people get confused. 5) When the game is speeding up, throw another ball in the game, with another colour. 6) Explain that there are now two balls in the game. With the same rules. People get more confused. 7) Now you announce: "People, this can go much faster. Think of a solution". 8) Continue this challenge, stimulate. 9) Possibly throw another ball in the game. Solutions: - Stand closer to each other - Keep a fixed order in which the balls goes round - Maybe even keep the ball in the circle (neighbours throwing the ball to one another) - Stand so close to each other, that the balls just roll over the hands!
Target Audience Team
Large Small
Target Phase
Intervention Depth
Motivation for Target
Audience/Target Phase
Est. Effort (hrs/pp) Preparation Execution Aftercare
Target Audience
Est. Elapse Time (days)
Consultant Skills needed Facilitator
Supporting Tools Two or three balls (tennis-, juggle-, oranges)
Reference/ Source Book "Team op vleugels" by Martijn Vroemen
User Experience
Jasper Doornbos